George HW Bush Dead at 94

George HW Bush or 41 is dead at 94.  Bush the United States 41st President died on Friday November 30 in Houston, Texas.

Under Ronald Reagan, Bush served as the 43rd Vice President of the United States from 1981 to 1989. He had previously been a U.S. Representative, Ambassador and Director of Central Intelligence.

Bush was born in Milton, Massachusetts to Prescott Bush and Dorothy Walker Bush. Bush postponed his university studies, enlisted in the United States Navy on his 18th birthday, and became the youngest aviator in the U.S. Navy at the time after Pearl Harbor in 1941. Bush ran for President in 1980, but was defeated in the Republican primary by Ronald Reagan. Reagan chose Bush as his running mate, and Bush became vice president after the Reagan–Bush ticket won the 1980 election. During his eight year tenure as vice president, Bush headed administration task forces on deregulation and fighting the War on Drugs.

In 1988, Bush ran a successful campaign to succeed Reagan as President, defeating Democratic opponent Michael Dukakis, becoming the first sitting vice president in 152 years to be elected president. Foreign policy drove the Bush presidency: military operations were conducted in Panama and the Persian Gulf; the Berlin Wall fell in 1989, and the Soviet Union dissolved two years later.
I attended a Bush Campaign Rally in Los Angeles. Bush actually pointed me out. In this regards only Lycurgus Akbar was ongoing, not Operation Radhanatha which is the full blown Chemical Assault Scorched Earth. As a member of the Irrationalist Presidents Reagan Trump he will be compared to Joseph Stalin. Reagan began the manifest collapse of the United States and Democracy. The United States Constitution and Bill of Rights are far from fool proof. Bush was the first American to be elected under the system of a Perfect Dictator. Hence a legally elected democratic dictator. Bush apologists should be cautious as the miscalculation and escalation increase.

I will write a critique on a major George HW Bush speech sometime in 2019. December 5, has been designated a Day of National Mourning.


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