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Cheney on Torture

Vice President Rick Cheney has historically made claims that America is safer after 9-11. Cheney is a living actor in the historical mythology of the Fall of the Anglo American Paradigm. Cheney knowingly took office in 2001 knowing that a follow Chemical Assult Scorched Earth was in continuo.

The beginning of enhanced interrogation techniques as waterboardiwng, sleep deprivation, being chained naked equate to torture. The recent Senate report condemned these practices but does not provide for punishment for the principals.
Cheney is in a continuum of actors who have lead the United Srates into legal jeopardy over MOEC - Mobilization of Empire and Civilization, which is behind the Cmedical Attacks here in the United States. Cambridge Law School is alleged to be the authorship.
In this consideration Cheney is an accomplice to War Criminals. He nor his policons have recognized these attacks which have cost trillions of dollars in damage.