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Ecology of Despotism

The following  is a rough working excerpt of Fall of the Anglo American Paradigm Part IV:

OriginThe GUI of MOEC

Chapter 2
Mobilization of Empire and Civilization is a perpetual association embedded in a circular folly. MOEC has developed an elaborate defense mechanism to protect the Authorship, a Membership of Cambridge Law School professors from being identified or having the system decapitated.
After 30 plus years, MOEC is clearly manifest as a Tyranny of the Majority by attempting to distribute a Greek Gift to every individual in the population. I am arguing prima facie that 95 percent of the population will defect. This observation is based on the stated 30 plus year chronology over a sizeable portion of the United States. The states of California, Arizona, Nevada, and historically New Mexico, Delaware, and Florida support this statement. There has been an unprecedented Censorship and Sanitization of History worldwide which has neve…