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Scorched Earth, Laws, Rights, and Extortion

Law, Rights, and Extortion
Dateline 3-10-06
I have just upgraded my IBM A21M with a USB networking device. This feature increases file transfers enormously. This is a low-tech revolution. However this model does have Windows 2000 Professional also obsolete but then again totally functional. I am beginning to slowly develop a corporate history presentation that will integrate both Profit and Non - Profit Management. The lack of leadership, hence being dependent has incurred unfathomable cash and non-cash costs. It is tremendously easy to despoil property. In the madness of Plutocracy many theorists and real managers have stressed running everything as a business. I have just begun to make a monthly budget and pay down credit card debt.
This model is only a marginal or incremental benefit. One has to oppose the oppressive FATALISTIC MICROMANAGEMENT that lies outside the Rule of LAW . The marginal and this is a parsimonious use of term has the cost of condoning mismanagement from various le…