Ecology of Despotism

The following  is a rough working excerpt of Fall of the Anglo American Paradigm Part IV:



Chapter 2

Mobilization of Empire and Civilization is a perpetual association embedded in a circular folly. MOEC has developed an elaborate defense mechanism to protect the Authorship, a Membership of Cambridge Law School professors from being identified or having the system decapitated.

After 30 plus years, MOEC is clearly manifest as a Tyranny of the Majority by attempting to distribute a Greek Gift to every individual in the population. I am arguing prima facie that 95 percent of the population will defect. This observation is based on the stated 30 plus year chronology over a sizeable portion of the United States. The states of California, Arizona, Nevada, and historically New Mexico, Delaware, and Florida support this statement. There has been an unprecedented Censorship and Sanitization of History worldwide which has never occurred at such extreme level.

MOEC's Strategic Mission of Gay Marriage is Undermined by the Alter Ego Greek Gift of the Gods Caveman Attack between LGBTi individuals and Opposite Sex persons. This evolution is heavily Scripted and based on defection to LGBTi quid pro quos for social promotion.

The continuum of the rise and fall of empire as the Roman Empire for example, supports that the mapping and number of individuals recruited and provides a template to follow describing how the state collapses into to totalitarianism and or is overtaken by another of it's own type. In this consideration we begin to discern the appropriation of state planning that is developed from the study of the rise and decay of other empires previous to the United Kingdom to eventually sketch an Ecological System of Despotism.

Hence these materials are embedded within a form of Ecological Systems containing a very extensive roster of individuals that are looped in a relay manner as feedback under a Theory of General Equilibrium. MOEC is a corrupt Prisoner's Dilemma based Reversed Sting Operation.

As justice has been obstructed at the court, a very deep combination of Formal and Informal Punishments are used to correct non cooperative play or correctly speaking defection since MOEC is illicit.

The alienation of one person, your author, then develops the Tournament confrontation between the Authorship and myself. A result is that the United States Constitution and President  are attacked destroying Democracy in a Cultural Singularity that is antagonistic to Technological Singularity.

A direct result of MOEC's asocialization is the creation of six Irrationalist Presidents Reagan Trump.

MOEC is very colorful in the style of a Greek sorority hazing with elaborate red herring and strawman attacks. The rise of the so called Illuminati or Deep State are two examples of one a historical group and a buzz word that Cambridge or MOEC has appropiated. It has further developed these structures and have inserted such in the culture as Archetypes of which it can claim to be the Authorship.

The Proximate Cause sine qua non test is the efficient legal operation to decapitate MOEC and prosecute such to it's Origin.

The acceleration of technology is attempting to build Artificial Intelligence which is an agent operating on an architecture. The latter being some type of computer system. This will likely replace the manual operations of a hub and node system. I am arguing that LAPD is the localized center for the Lycurgus styled police sweeps. Hence a location to house a computer would then be necessary (Nollmeyer 1995e).


The ontological end of MOEC is a Nuremberg styled War Crimes Trial.

Barack Obama is the Singularity Target.
Bhakta David Nollmeyer is the Singularity Experiment.

Kurzweil predicts Technological Singularity for 2045. He also has predicted Artificial Intelligence by 2029. In this consideration a credible Turing Test that is statistically and methodologically sound has not been developed.

MOEC is using a concept equivalent to Organic and Mechanistic Solidarity or Class Stratification. Such in the present is based on a 12 year old youth and the Catholic Catechism of the Baltimore Diocese 1899. Hence this is about the sixth grade.

Alternatively in the negative MOEC is based on an entrapment of 90 IQ which is below the average IQ of 100. A genius is 140. I claim my IQ is 130. Bobby Fischer, the greatest American chess player was said to possess an IQ of 160.

Hence with an American population of about 330 million, about 165 million persons have an IQ of 99.99 or lower and about 165 million persons have an IQ of 100.01 or higher.


In this consideration we develop as a departure a model of a game with perfect information and a game with imperfect information.

In game theory, a sequential game has perfect information if each player, when making a decision, is perfectly informed of all the events that have previously occurred, inclusive of the initialization event of the game as the starting moves of a chess game.

Card games where each player's cards are hidden from other players  are examples of games with imperfect information.

Games which are sequential in which players move alternatively and which have chance events with known probabilities to all players but no secret information, are sometimes considered games of perfect information. Backgammon and Monopoly reflect this format.

Some academics do not regard such games as games of perfect information as the results of chance are unknown prior to them occurring.

Games with simultaneous moves are generally not considered games of perfect information.  Each of the players holds information which is secret, and must play a move without knowing the opponent's secret information. These games are symmetrical, and fair. An example of a game in this category includes Rock Paper Scissors.

In MOEC's consideration cradle to grave career paths or a Yellow Brick Road are generated for each individual. If each individual perfectly defects then the end result is known to the Author(s).

Hence MOEC argues it's Eugenic Engineering and State Planning as Perfect. In degree Cambridge is biased to the profile or model that is imposed over my self and the world population. We do not know each others hand. MOEC is similar to a game on No Limit Hold 'Em poker where cards are placed both down and up.

The composition and understanding of a play as Shakespeare's Julius Caesar is an example where the actors know the plot and outcome. However there may be persons in the audience whom do not know the outcome.

In chess players see the opening moves and record each move played. Players are free to review the moves by each player during the game.

In endgame studies in chess one learns three positions: Philidor, Lucena, and Vancura. An endgame is arrived when the queen's have been exchanged or removed. Ending are the very last positions. The above concern mainly king, rook, and pawn endgames. One chess strategy to achieve  victory or draw is to exchange off pieces until one of the three known endgame positions is reached. Since these patterns are all known it is only a matter of technique and execution.


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