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MOEC Denial Holocaust Denial

Holocuast Denial LawsArguing from object science and facts is strongly desired. The question of facts is moot. The Chemical Assault Scorched Earth is real. The scope of such laws cover the Nazi party, hate, xenophobia, genocide, and denial and trivialisation of the Holocaust. MOEC is a Cultural Singularity. The state sponsored terror is significant. There are zero know sworn officials to my knowledge that admit what is going on. There are zero human rights groups also. On this list is Amnesty International, Human Rights Watch, and Simon Wisenthal Center. Academically speaking the University of Cambridge, University of California and all Ivy League schools top the list.I am also expresing concerns with major corporations and CEOs. Companies as Google, Microsoft, Apple, and Virgin are of interest. Barack Obama and Richard Branson have made the news competing in watersports. Why don't they attemmpt this is in the Salton Sea where such is a Scorched Earth? This is going to increase th…